DirecTV on water, the future is clear as mud

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

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  1. Robert says:

    I did a little back of the napkin math. My current streaming options via cellular hotspot + CBS ALL Access + Netflix, totals up to about $100 / month. Divide that into 10,000 to buy a new dish, plus installation, nets me about 8+ years of service. That’s before you even factor in the cost of the DirecTV service itself.

    I have no idea what the prevailing technology will look like in 8+ years, but I’m betting it won’t include Satellite TV.

    Now granted I don’t get any sport packages, but then I’m not paying for them either. I’m also not paying for a bazillion home shopping channels.

    For those that cruise within cellular coverage areas, the DirecTV math simply does not work.

    • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:


      You’re right. The math at $10,000 doesn’t work. But, I think the people who are making the decision to purchase a Ka dish are doing so because of a desire for convenience and for the same experience at home. After all, we’re all boaters, if we were making good financial decisions we probably wouldn’t buy a boat!

      Incidentally, I suspect you would subscribe to Netflix even if you had DirecTV so the return math might be even worse.


  2. Bob Stump Bob Stump says:

    Just purchased a 2002 5288 Bayliner with a KVH Tracvision 4 receiver, 15 years old. Prior owner had direct TV and it worked fine. I have DISH at my home and want to put a Wally Receiver on the boat to hook up to Dish. Do you think it will work? What other options do I have?


    • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:

      If you’re able to get connected to it and reprogram it to track the Dish satellites I believe it will work fine. My understanding is that with Dish it ends up having to switch between satellites so all TVs on the boat (if there are multiple) will need to watch programming on the same satellite and you might have some delays while it switches sats.

  3. Al Speyer says:

    We have been using a KVH M3DX and HR24 receiver for several years to get DirecTv on our Grand Banks. Boat stored for the Winter and we are just getting aboard again. KVH box tracks satellite 101 but no DirecTv on our tv. Reset HR24, DirecTv sent multiple refresh signals, no effect. DirecTv says we need new firmware and new HR24. I thought DirecTv was no longer using Ku band and our option was Dish. Asked KVH and got this response today:

    Hi, DIR TV is still using the KU band…
    That system will still work fine, you just need an H24 from DIR TV receiver to make it work…

    That system in not compatible with DISH NET however, so you have to use DTV still…

    I’m confused. Any help here for us?

  4. Hamp Phillips says:

    Looking for a KVH Trackvision M1 that will receive DISH HD with the control unit. Used in the Puget Sound and lower Canada area

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