Inmarsat’s BGAN For Leisure Yachts

Unfortunately we will have to wait for another two years before Inmarsat’s BGAN service will be available (pdf) for leisure yachts. But at that time all you need is a mini-M terminal, like the one to the left, to be able to have broadband internet access wherever you are. No news about pricing however…
“Inmarsat has announced plans to offer its Broadband Global Area Network service globally, carrying around 432 kbps. The service will be able from early 2006 to the aviation sector, followed by the maritime sector around a year later. Shipboard terminals, the size of a mini-M, will be able to carry data at 380 kbps. Meanwhile, development of the Inmarsat Fleet terminals will continue and the Fleet terminals will be compatible with the I4s. Mr Johnson says that the move should make anyone considering installing a VSAT terminal “look to the right” – because they can get faster data on Fleet, the cut-off point where a VSAT is viable will change. “The terminal prices come down, the airtime comes down,” says Mr Johnson.”

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