Iridium Extreme & AxcessPoint, they work as expected

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Robert says:

    Hi Ben
    I’m sorry if I’m being a bit pessimistic here but it didn’t work out of the box and it doesn’t work with the vechicle antenna? Thats not really up to scratch from Iridium. I also noted you omitted any mention of the GPS capability and more importantly the ability to track the phone remotely, which is one of the features my customers have been waiting for.
    I’m also not sold on the WIFI connectivity – for me the ability to download GRIB files and some SST information is great, but I dont know a single customer who will be doing this on an ipad instead of their nav computer.
    I would be 1000% happier if they spent some money developing a faster data transfer rate and a decent vehicle antenna.

  2. winds aloft says:

    I don’t think I’ll be upgrading from my dinasaur 9500 anytime soon, based on this…

  3. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    I need to clarify, Robert. The phone worked just fine out of the box, and the AxcessPoint might have too except that something didn’t go right the first time I ran the AxcessPoint app. It should have set up a firewall — and apparently does for most users — but I needed help.
    I should have noted that AxcessPoint Mail & Web software is also available for Windows and Mac PCs. As long as the PC can WiFi directly to the AxcessPoint or via an onboard WiFi network, it can work fine, again without loading special drivers but with a very secure firewall to keep other programs on the PC from trying to get online.
    The GPS on the Extreme worked fine and it’s easy to send a position with a text message. I didn’t try the tracking and am not sure how much Iridium has developed that feature, but inReach like web tracking certainly is possible.
    Also, Iridium IS working on a next generation satellite system, with first launches planned for 2015:

  4. luis soltero says:

    Hello ALl,
    This is Luis from Global Marine Networks.
    As mentioned above in the objections the AxcessPoint WiFi is initially configured to connect to the internet wihtout software. This allows users that don’t want to use optimization software (or use optimization software that don’t directly support the link control in the device) to work out of the box. The down side of this factory configuration is
    1. the fact that the firewall is not configured
    2. the fact that there is no link management.
    The first time your run AxcessPoint Mail and Web the software “fixes” this.
    Also note that this particular device only works with WiFi which is a valid objection.
    Those of you who are concerned with these to factors should seriously consider the GMN/RedPort Optimizer which Ben mentions above with a link. Here is an alternate link
    The advantages of the Optimizer over the Iridium WiFi include
    1. Link control out of the box… So the you wont have the initial setup issue that Ben ran into
    2. 2 ethernet ports plus WiFi. So you can directly connect the device to your computer through one of the ethernet ports.
    3. works with legacy iridium devices (including the 9500 mentioned above) using the USB to serial cable option.
    5. supports linux, mac, window, iOS, and Android
    6. has a built in firewall which blocks ** EVERYTHING ** except optimized web and mail traffic.
    The Optimizer also works with the Iridium OpenPort, FBB, BGAN, and isatphone.
    Note that iridium Next narrow band will be rated at about 64kbps which with compression will give users much faster data experiences. Currently the raw rate for iridium is 2.4kbps.
    take care.

  5. Bob Etter says:

    I have an Optimizer (wxa-102) and an older Iridium 9505 that co-exist wonderfully together. Both operate on 12 volts so are perfect on the boat.

  6. Geir Ove Bø says:

    in Norway we can get 128kb/sek on this one on what they call Open Port.
    use googel to translate from Norwegian.
    Or have i miss under stud something ?

  7. Paul Shard says:

    Is this the best way to get email on a transatlantic? I really just want weather gribs and will not use the system after this passage for another year. Any thoughts?
    Paul Shard
    SV Distant Shores II

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