Journey: A boat with the right attitude!

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  1. DougSea says:

    Thanks for the write-up Adam. I’ve been thinking about the Bennet automatic system but this looks intriguing and more effective.

  2. Hendrik says:

    Mente ACS is great.
    I use them from from 2004 or so.
    They are alway’s on, doin a great job.
    Last december I had a mal functioning powerline, and the ACS was not working for the first time. I missed the great boat behavior I was used to right away.

  3. Mattias says:

    There is a third Swedish interceptor system called Zipwake. It is a quite new system and has a more reasonable price tag compared to other interceptor systems. It has a very nice and sharp display that appears to be intuitive to handle.
    I don’t have Zipwake installed on my boat but I have been on a demo drive on two different boats and that was quite convincing to me. Especially the smaller aluminum boat showed great improvement with sharper turns, time to planning. If my existing trim tabs breakdown would these Zipwakes be an easy choice for me.

  4. Adam Hyde says:

    Mattias, thanks for the info re: Zipwakes, good to know.
    I have heard that the interceptors are very fast to respond but aren’t as good under 10 knots as traditional trim tabs are. At lower speeds perhaps they aren’t as good for quickly planing or for side to side stability?

  5. Mattias says:

    Adam, perhaps you are right about the low speed performance. The test drive I attended was quite short, so I don’t have any opinion on that. It would interesting to see a independent test of characteristics on conventional tabs and interceptors.

  6. John says:

    I extend my trim tabs fully at displacement speeds. This improves directional stability significantly on a small planing hull.
    Unfortunately none of the automatic systems can do this.

  7. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    The ZipWake dynamic trim-control system just got Imtra distribution in North America. I don’t know much about these automatic interceptors for fast boats 20-60 feet, but simply being represented by Imtra is a good sign:

  8. Cameron says:

    I just saw the zipwake system at the Toronto boat show today and they look really nteresting.
    I’ve got an 88 Ocean 55SS. I love the boat, and it handles a head sea better than any previous boat, but it does roll. In a beams sea or wake, I roll a lot. It’s made worse because the bridge is high. The zipwake system looks like it would help, while on plane, and the cost is pretty low.
    Anybody used it or have feedback on this kind of system for roll control.
    I know it’s not an actual stabilizer, but for 5% of the cost of stabilizers, it looks good.

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