Maritime Robotx Challenge & the WAM-V USV, heads up!

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Obviously there are all sorts of ways a USV may be used, some of which we may not enjoy, but here’s an example of a unmanned aerial system (UAS) helping to rescue lost hikers:
    Incidentally, there seems to be a lot of confusion and names and acronyms for these new machines. Sometimes, for instance, USV means unmanned surface vehicle, though vessel seems more specific.

  2. Does anyone else think Task 6 should be: “Successfully transit a fleet of El Toros at the Yacht Club”? With extra points for “no screaming”..

  3. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Email from a pilot friend:
    Good article Ben, pretty soon none of us will have to leave our desks! I’ve been bothered by the near total adoption of “drone” for a long time, searching for a pithy succinct summation that would stop the madness, so far: failure. The onslaught of meaningless “TLA”’s (3 letter acronyms) is only making it worse, as you alluded in your post, and the media is now so addicted to the high emotion attached to “drone”, a more neutral moniker is unlikely to stick.
    I was reading yesterday about the latest NASA spacecraft to enter autonomous orbit around Mars, dubbed “MAVEN”…
    …and it occurred to me that NASA has been in out in front of this image problem since Gemini. Nobody ever calls their stuff “drones”! Even if they were armed with anti-Mars-muslim missiles, no one would call them drones I bet. A GPS or other satellite? Now there’s a drone!
    Remotely piloted vehicles are anything but drones, but thanks to our bloodthirsty tendency to first figure out how to kill people with new technology, they have a long uphill road in the public perception march.
    Glad to see people with some visibility (Panbo) taking the time to post non-lethal uses of UAV/UAS/RPV/FPV/UMS/WTF?/OMG!

  4. USV could fit nicely into water quality scenarios in which government agencies and citizen scientists contribute data to large public datasets. Obviously, USVs could be deployed to cover more water surface area than stationary points (e.g., buoys) and research vessels.

  5. Pat McQueen says:

    Norse – This one is even cooler looking. I still can’t imagine docking that large of a ship without a captain at the helm.
    Great article Ben!

  6. Richard Daltry says:

    I read this site regularly and its great to see an article about the unmanned marine vehicle industry, especially as it uses a lot of the technology this site is all about. I work for a company that builds Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV’s) in the UK and US. We refer to them as Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV’s) as this is what they will become as the technology advances and also happens to be the name of our company.
    One of the reasons I read this site is that I can see a point in the future where the electronics and software that are being developed to autonomously navigate an ASV within Colregs will almost certainly have applications on manned boats to for example, improve navigational safety in fog or at night.
    If you’re interested our website is
    Many thanks for the great site!

  7. This Office of Naval Research press release
    and its YouTube video of a recent demo
    are attracting press interest worldwide.
    [aside: One of those boats has two radars mounted side-by-side. That surprised me.]

  8. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Hey, the MIT/Olin team from New England USA won!
    There’s lots of good video coverage; I suggest starting with the one called “Meet the Course”…

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