New Radar Safety Features Highlight Latest Simrad Software Release

New version includes upgrades around AIS, radar display, and greatly enhanced integration capabilities 

Egersund, Norway – The latest Simrad software update was released this month for its multifunction displays (MFDs), packed with the latest technology and visual enhancements. The updates include a series of radar interface improvements and features focused on safety, like Dangerous Target Alert, and enhanced integration with partners. 

The new radar improvements make it easier to view, track and monitor vessels, and identify vessels that may be a risk to the user’s course. New icons for the Automatic Identification System (AIS) and symbols for radar tracked targets allow greater clarity of risks and can be combined into one unified view on the screen. In addition, several features in this release enhance connectivity, comfort and control with product integrations including the CZone Control Bar for digital switching, SteadySteer support and Mercury Smart Tow for optimal tubing, water skiing and wake boarding speed – each easily integrated into Simrad MFDs.

“This latest software update has brought even more clarity to our Simrad product interface with updated icons and clearer symbology to go with the more vivid display for the radar range rings,” said Stephen Thomas, senior vice president of Product, Simrad Yachting. “In addition, we’ve added a host of new radar features around safety that continue to make the Simrad software offerings the leader in the marine world.”
One of the key safety updates is the new Dangerous Target Alert that warns the operator of dangerous radar and AIS targets according to the target parameters in “Settings” and “Tracked Targets”. The Dangerous Target Alert provides a simple diagram in a pop-up window that shows the range, the graphical bearing and heading of the vessel in relation to the operator’s vessel.

And visually, the moving radar and AIS targets will now display a graduated trail showing the vessel’s post position history for enhanced situational awareness. 
“This is a significant safety and situational awareness tool that not only alerts the user but guides them to the relative range and bearing of the dangerous target,” added Thomas. “By showing the historical target movement with clean trails, you get much less clutter on the PPI, the way you do with older, more traditional video trails.”

New icons for radar tracked targets and symbols for AIS targets also make for clearer viewing while the radar display’s new look includes a more modern Plan Position Indicator (PPI) with clearer numbers and a scaled boat icon (with set-up) for the user’s vessel.  
Key highlights for the new software release, including a host of new integrations, are as follows:

  • Radar interface improvements
  • AIS improvements
  • SteadySteer support
  • CZone Control Bar integration
  • ITC Lighting control bar
  • Sirius XM FishMapping (NSS & NSO only)
  • Mercury Smart Tow integration
  • Honda Eco Mode instrument bar
  • ActiveTarget support

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5 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Great news. Still wish b&g had an alarm for when you are about to hit land. Most of the time it would be offf but useful when at night jibing downwind. You can find yourself enjoy a gentle reminder that in 20 mins you have shallow water. Btw this is b e’s idea from years ago.

  2. Richard Jackson says:

    Does anyone know if this update will be provided for the NSS Evo2 MFDs which last had a software update in 2019??

  3. Robert says:

    Thanks for all the immense expertise on this site. Hope to bump into you in Camden Harbor. I’m installing a 3G radar with NSS7 Simrad display via RI10 interface box. Installation manual seemed to indicate no NEP-2 required since radar was the only device, but I’m getting the “No Radar” indication and Simrad Tech Support tells me I need the ethernet switch. Does that jibe?
    S/V Spondee
    Cape Dory 28

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Hi Robert, I don’t know for sure but strongly suspect that an NSS7 evo2 or 3 can make a direct Ethernet connection with your 3G radar. I’d be checking the RI10 connections and maybe calling Simrad Tech again to see if you get another answer.

    • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:

      A second to Ben’s thoughts. It’s not the exact same gear, but I have a Halo 20 running direct to a Go12 without an Ethernet switch and it works perfectly. I really doubt the need.

      -Ben S.

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