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Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. s/v Bruadair says:

    If you want to test the M121 with the AIS unit you might find the following information useful. I contacted Ron at Northstar a couple days ago because there was no mention in the owner’s manual as to the different colors of the AIS targets, here is his reply;
    “In regards to your last message, this is what I have learned so far regarding AIS color designations:
    Red Passenger ships
    Orange Cargo Ships
    Green Tankers
    Yellow Tug
    Magenta High Speed
    Violet Other
    The variable split screen is in fact a great feature. I like to have the Chart the largest screen, I can even have a second window with another chart view at a different range. The radar overlay is pretty impressive too. Guess you can tell I’m sold on this unit. I’ve been talking to Dennis at Simrad about their new NX40 and NX45 units. It’s for the most part the same as the Northstar’s M84 and M121 with the addition of NMEA 2000, that should be a nice addition to this unit.

  2. norse says:

    The radar screenshot of the squall is better than any that Northstar has on their website. I find it odd that they have very few radar screenshots and none that would tempt me to buy their radar. (And they are not alone — are radars sold just by the look of their antennas?) “What I like about this HD return is that the different colors represent the intensity of the return.” That is nice; I don’t see it mentioned on the Northstar web site. Odd.
    Fishfinders aren’t sold like that. The cynic would say that having radar gives status, but few actually use it…

  3. I’m very impressed with my Navman 8084’s AIS target display. I’m using the EasyAIS 162 dual channel receiver with integral GPS (backup), running through VHF splitter to masthead antenna and getting targets up to 36nm away – fantastic.
    Question for you guys who’ve done it: I worked out how to take screenshots on the plotter, but how do I transfer them to the PC? I have a formatted UserCard in the second slot on the plotter but the only thing I can find on the card is a file called USERIMG.bin. Help please! I’d love to post screenshots to my blog

  4. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Did you look on the other card, or try switching cards? Are you sure you actually commanded a screen shot…I recall it’s a two step process? I know it does work on my test unit.

  5. Gerhard says:

    I think I did the screenshot ok, because there was a delay and then a message on the screen (can’t remember the details) about the screenshot being completed.
    I think the problem was having the chart cartridge in at the same time as the usercard (thanks s/v Brudair for separate e-mail). Also, my usercard is 1GB, not 512kb. I’ve managed to find a 512kb card on ebay (they’re hard to find these days), and will try again when I continue my passage up the coast at the end of June.

  6. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Gerhard, as noted at the beginning of the entry, your “user card” has to be 512kb or smaller. It also has to be formatted in the M121 as a “user card”.

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