Panbo Podcast Episode 5 – Maretron MPower with Frank Emnett

Frank Emnett, Maretron’s Vice President of Monitoring and Control Software, and I sit down to discuss MPower. MPower is Maretron’s digital switching platform and it’s scheduled to be available in mid-February for both new builds and retrofit installations. I’ve been using one aboard Have Another Day for some time and been very happy with the flexibility and reliability of the system.

Plus, I had the opportunity to ask Frank a little about OneNet, which the NMEA recently ratified after many years developing the standard intended to build on NMEA 2000 and offer the capabilities boat networks need as they’ve grown in scale and complexity.

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

Publisher of, passionate marine electronics enthusiast, 100-ton USCG master.

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  1. Great conversation and I’m glad to hear they have a new launch date. Last I knew they were launching in November and was disappointed when November came and went with no updates. I have several of the DCR100 units and will look to complement them with 3 or 4 of the CMD12 to finish retrofitting both boats.

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