Remote options, Dockmate and Yacht Controller offer new solutions

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

Publisher of, passionate marine electronics enthusiast, 100-ton USCG master.

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  1. Ben thank you for the new story write-up. Healthy competition will always serve the consumer best! Maximo has now again raised the bar in wireless control and with our new CPU 64bit Quad Core processor, we open the door to many exciting features to come! I wanted to add that the Yacht Controller enjoys working relationships with some of the largest engine and transmission manufacture’s, some of which have exclusively licensed and/or certified Yacht Controller as an authorized wireless control protecting your engine and transmission warranties. You can click on this link to read more on these certifications as this is extremely critical for those with new vessels and/or vessels with current active warranties for the engines and transmissions. We also now offer our upgraded Supremo series for the Super and Mega Yacht Series equipped with transceiver antennae with built in CPU modules powered via CAN-Bus data cabling for ranges exceeding 650′ of open range!

  2. Ted Arisaka says:

    Ben: Thanks for the update. Indeed, competition improves the breed. The notion of controlling the boat from an optimal location is appealing to me. Have you evaluated the unit from Sea Machines? Not quite apples to apples, as it seems to be targeted to the commercial market: Regards, Ted

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