Scanstrut waterproof iPad case, & adjustable mount

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Jeff Shukis says:

    The scanstrut and LifeProof are great options for “serious” iPad cases. They are, however, quite bulky and quite expensive.
    If you need a much more minimal case, check out iLoc at The price? $2.50 each. I ended up buying several each of their iPad and iPhone cases.

  2. ValkyrieYachts says:

    I have been using the Otterbox Defender series for my IPhone and Ipad2. Although bulkier than some others it has a good feel in the hands and offers excellent protection.
    I just started using a LifeProof case for my IPhone 4s and although slimmer and actually waterproof, my biggest complaint is the cradle plug. Lifeproof on their website states that only the Apple issued plug will fit and notes that most third party plugs are too big. I have charging stations on boats, cars, home and office. Although i like the case, here is the delema, get ALL new plugs? Buy several adapters that LifeProof sells (at $19.99 each) for each station, or use something else?
    The Otterbox can use the wider third party plugs (snug, but they work).
    One other thing to note on Lifeproof, the cover is a high gloss clear which reflects light…a lot! Very distracting in the sun.

  3. Jack Turner says:

    I agree with Jeff. I’ve also used the iLoc Cases and they’re a great inexpensive alternative. I have a beach house that we frequent and it works great in allowing me to just hang out while staying connected. I used too worry about getting my iPad splashed on or getting sand in it. Now I can set it down in the sand with no worry. This video introduced me to it:

  4. grandsoleil says:

    The tube mount looks like an Edson ball. Note the Edson ball has a threaded socket for 1′ 14 tubing. The VHF mount is but a section of that tube spot welded into the socket. More compact for many mounts that use this would be to keep use the female socket ball and have a male bolt on their addition.
    On another front still another waterproof case line was mentioned in : Optrix – they have started with an iPhone case.

  5. Paul Pangrazzi says:

    If you’re brave enough to go naked, Liquipel is making a splash at this year’s CES in Vegas:
    They promise to waterproof your device from the inside out with magic vapors, for less than the cost of many of the cases we’re looking at.
    (Disclaimer: I don’t work for them, I just make bad puns.)

  6. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Reader David D. found a video demo of the Scanstrut iPad case and I think it looks good:
    But David also wrote that the iPad mounted under his bimini last season would only get 5 hours at 100% brightness, which is why he’s using a SeaSucker mount that let’s him keep his power cord attached. Not the SeaSucker/RAM iPad mount, but rather a plain SeaSucker equipped with a tube clamp and sucked to the iPad. Clever!

  7. DavidD says:

    Just got some info from the guys at Griffin Technologies.Their waterproof Ipad case only fits Ipad 2.
    Back to the ZipLoc bag.My SeaSucker will hold a bagged pad for 13 hours+.I removed mine at 13 hours and it was still holding tenaciously.

  8. Karl says:

    This Scanstrut case may have won the DAME award, but I nominate it for the LAME award…it is still vaporware, and, the “new iPad” has just been released by Apple and Scanstrut is struggling to deliver a case for the iPad2?
    Their website contact page is fairly dysfunctional…they insist on all sorts of required fields like postal mailing address, etc. before the form can be submitted. Screw that.
    Now I remember why I didn’t buy a Range Rover…

  9. Makie says:

    These Scanstrut cases can be found for sale at as well as a large range of other boat & yacht equipment

  10. Bjørn says:

    do Scanstrut waterproof iPad case fit with ipad 3 gen ?

  11. Nick says:

    I am trying to find a waterproof case to hold a mini or standard ipad which will allow me to charge the unit whilst in the cockpit of my boat. I need a weatherproof charging cable.
    Inav in the uk have one with there Andres waterproof case but its about $400 which is a bit rich when I have a perfectly good lifeproof case.
    Any suggestions would be welcome
    Nick Cole

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