Simple General Purpose Onboard PCs

Instead of buying this extremely pricey Itronix GoBook III I wrote about yesterday, you could also take a look at how PCs are entering the automotive environment. For most boaters this will be a perfect solution to all their entertainment and navigational needs. And since the car industry is providing economies-of-scale, prices will come down very fast.
“The compelling argument comes from the fact that a modern computer can do anything a car stereo can do and much, much more. Currently you can install name brand DVD, MP3, TV, radio, XM and navigation hardware into your car, costing you thousands and the possibility that it wont all work together. A computer in your car can offer up all those options and lots more to make sure you’re distracted enough to plow through a farmers market. Internet access, encoded movies, gigs of MP3s, email, web browsing, in-car gaming, and even, *gag* office applications are just some of the things that a little box in the trunk can offer.”

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