WhisperPower Launches The World’s Smallest & Most Versatile 24v Battery Charger

WhisperPower, the Netherlands-based leader in off-grid power generation electronics, is delighted to announce it is ready to start shipping its new range of Supreme Pro Battery Chargers.

Available in four models – 40, 60, 80 and 100 amps – these rugged chargers/power supplies have been built to meet – and exceed – the most stringent requirements of the global shipping industry. As such, they are ideally suited to a wide range of other off-grid applications, including the superyacht sector and land-based mobile activities.

The Supreme Pro range was inspired by the need for ever-more dependable and ‘uninterruptable’ power supplies for multiple arrays of spike sensitive DC equipment such as navigation and communication equipment. The new chargers were created to offer optimal DC voltage stability, interference suppression and the ability to be fully integrated into a vessel’s operating (bridge) system. Another key function was the ability to handle a wide range of modern battery chemistries.

The result is the smallest 24V battery charger of its type in the world, able to run silently and keep itself cool in hot areas such as engine rooms that may otherwise compromise performance. 

Each Supreme Pro model offers three-stage battery charging and provides no less than three separate DC outputs for charging multiple battery banks. Different charging protocols for a range of chemistries from lead-acid to lithium-ion can be pre-selected by using a customizable DIP (Dual In-line Package) switch or via a USB connection or laptop. The chargers are fully UL compliant, and will become available with DNV/GL certficates soon.

The input voltage can range from 90 – 265VAC at 50-60Hz, allowing global connectivity, and each charger is fitted with a built-in LCD readout as standard. This gives instant feedback on AC/DC voltages and DC currents and also allows the setting of AC and DC alarms for over/undercharging. In addition, the chargers can be connected to either analogue or digital panels to remotely monitor the current output and to adjust the charging current input.

The Supreme Pro is also fully compatible with modern NMEA2000 control networks via the WhisperConnect CANbus, allowing it to communicate seamlessly with other monitoring and control systems.

“Within our market sector we see that little is being renewed in the field of charging technology for professional applications,” explains Roel ter Heide, Director-Owner of WhisperPower. “However, more and more requirements and regulations have to be met. That is why, a few years ago, WhisperPower’s design team set about developing a new range of safe and robust 24V WP-BC Supreme Pro Chargers. They ensured the highest interference suppression (Class B) and standard UL conformity. For the professional maritime sector, the chargers offer full DNV, GL and ABS certification. The compact and silent Supreme Pro is equipped with the statutory alarms and a volt/ampere meter on the front and is the perfect main charger/power supply for a GMDSS system with back-up battery.” 

Silent running, fully compatible and ruggedly dependable, each WhisperPower Supreme Pro battery charger is delivered with a standard 5-year product warranty.

For further information: www.whisperpower.com

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