Monthly Archive: September 2007

Hello, a new sponsor 1

Hello, a new sponsor

State of Panbo

As of today, joins Power & Motoryacht and Sail as a Panbo sponsor. You may not be familiar with the site, as it’s nearly brand new, but it’s an ambitious operation putting up fresh, and mostly original, boating content every day

W&P ParaLock Plotter, aka “shortie” 2

W&P ParaLock Plotter, aka “shortie”


What’s this…a pair of parallel rules that didn’t eat right as a child? Nope, the 7.25” ParaLocks were especially bred for taking the lat/long of a waypoint off a paper chart. Put one edge on…

Garmin’s “Where To?”, what up? 25

Garmin’s “Where To?”, what up?


This photo, of which I’m especially proud (talk about herding cats!), is also a great example of how well Panbo can work with magazine articles. It’s the opener to my October electronics column, in which—thank you, PMY—I had the support to seriously ruminate about testing these four new Garmins. But here online I can show you the picture in greater detail, and write the long caption it deserves…

B&G RaceVision 3000, decked out 2

B&G RaceVision 3000, decked out

BnG RaceVision 3000

Being a bit of contrarian, I thought I’d put up another high-end display for Panbo’s nattering nabobs to fire upon (just kidding, fellas). Actually, I don’t know what this new RaceVision 3000 costs—B&G is apparently reticent about online prices—but I’d guess it’s a pretty dear 8.4” ruggedized, touch-screen, daylight-viewable tablet PC…

AmbientNAV Alpha, & a wee rant 11

AmbientNAV Alpha, & a wee rant


That’s the hind end of an AmbientNAV 17” Alpha monitor, just announced but not yet up at the company site. Check the bigger shot to see the amazing diversity of inputs available, not to mention the sharp engineering. Yup, that’s a coax connector at right, leading to the built-in HD sat TV tuner. I don’t normally get into pricing, but…