Aqua Map updated with no-wake zones, live sharing, and more

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

Publisher of, passionate marine electronics enthusiast, 100-ton USCG master.

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  1. jason says:

    Great app. You left out…
    1. Great integration of the Bahamas Chart Book by Explorer
    2. Army corps of engineers bathymetric data on tough parts of the ICW
    It is better than Navionics. Easier to read.

  2. Bill Kearney Bill Kearney says:

    It’d be great if it had wider coverage for the wake areas. Curious what information/formats have made it easier than others.

    The text handling in their Android implementation isn’t very attractive looking. Took a few tries to figure out that the “—” default entries in the text fields for ‘My Boat’ were actually ‘in there’ as characters and had to be deleted before entering my own boat data. And then the keyboard overlaps the bottom of the screen and thus you can’t see when typing into those fields.

    Other apps trap the last ‘back arrow’ button to prevent you from quitting the app. Which happens if you’re bouncing along in the water using a touchscreen.

    The desktop viewer shows charts nicely. But it pretty lacking in showing details in usefully formatted form. Search is bare-bones… at best.

    Not seeing it worth yet another subscription though. Maybe next rev?

  3. IslandSailing says:

    I gave up on using AquaMap. As much as I liked it, it has a very dangerous bug where zooming in and out can cause nearer buoys to disappear before farther out ones. It is very easy at scales you use for underway to have a solid metal can ahead of you not be visible on the chart.

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