BEP’s Smart Battery Hub, a World First in Innovative Intelligent Battery Management

BEP’s innovative Smart Battery Hub (SBH) is a world-first intelligent battery management system for vessels running two or more outboards, sterndrives, or multiple inboard engines.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (Nov. 19, 2020) — BEP’s innovative Smart Battery Hub (SBH) is a world‑first intelligent battery management system for vessels running two or more outboards, sterndrives or inboard engines.

Smart Battery Hub simplifies battery management with remotely activated switches, automatic Voltage Sensitive Switching (VSS) and emergency parallel functionality, neatly housed in a robust, easy‑to‑install, ignition‑protected IPX7 enclosure.

SBH monitors and transmits individual battery voltages and full house bank state of charge over NMEA2000 for easy integration with multi‑function displays. Remote battery switching is operated via NMEA2000 or wired switches, with physical manual override of all battery switches for safety and servicing.

SBH has Works-with-CZone functionality, so users can control batteries from CZone Waterproof Keypads and can monitor them on any CZone touchscreen or any compatible CZone partner device. SBH works seamlessly as a CZone module in networked systems.

“We designed the Smart Battery Hub with the OEM in mind. Simplifying installs, shrinking the overall footprint and reducing installation times have resulted in lower system costs with shorter battery‑cable runs,” said Geoff Morrish, BEP product manager.

VSS voltage thresholds can be configured to suit, or enabled/disabled with each installation. Switch inputs can be assigned to any function and two additional sensor inputs can be used for monitoring volts, fluid levels and temperature.

BEP’s all‑in‑one battery monitoring and management system features magnetic latching, 300‑amp interrupt switching technology, two additional sensor inputs and true mechanical override. At less than 3.5mA in sleep mode, power consumption has been optimized for ultra‑low draw on the batteries.

BEP’s Smart Battery Hub works with 12- or 24‑volt systems and carries a 5‑year warranty. For more information, go to

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