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boot Düsseldorf 2013, Henning Dürr reports

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  1. Dan Corcoran (b393capt) says:

    That Aqua Signal light should prove popular. Most people modify their lights to be LED, but the deck lamp on that model defies simple bulb replacement.
    The Aqua Signal is designed to take abuse from passing sailboat headsails as this light is positioned at a point where the headsail hits it on each tack. My DIY version needed to likewise protect the LED lamp, and is not as pretty as it could be.

  2. Henning says:

    I received word from NV charts today but there does not seem to be clear information on what operating systems the app will run on. For the time being, let’s just assume iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and possibly Windows Phone 7.
    It is said to be available from April so we’ll know by then. I’ll post here when I see it on their website.
    And here are two more links on the iPad case “Flowgistics Flowtouch Compadion”:
    You can send in your iPad to have it mounted into the case by the manufacturer or buy an iPad with the case from them.
    The second link is for a case that you mount yourself. It says “limited warranty in case of self-mount”.
    I agree this is a lot of trouble but then you can really use it underwater and even drop it on concrete from a 3 foot height – up to 100 times!
    Also important: the mount holds it firmly on the back and offers VESA attachment which connects to RAM mounts which connects to almost anything (such as a Tallon mount).
    You can’t do that with the Scanstrut case because on this, the back is just a thin sheet of plastic like the front, only the frame is solid.
    And it charges under water, too 🙂

  3. Jim says:

    Are there any rumors about B&G doing an upgrade to hercules? It seems time for them to add ethernet, NMEA2000 and change the bus architecture.

  4. Henning,
    Very interesting and entertaining reading – I especially enjoyed your comments on returning your radar mount to a boat show booth – that would be fun to watch, and i can relate to your frustration! Thanks for reporting from the EU perspective…

  5. Henning says:

    I had Aqua Signal’s old model with lightbulbs on my mast and replaced last winter, before this product was available. I ended up having a stainless base built for a Hella steaming light and decklight with a protection integrated. Because it was built to spec, mine also fits the existing holes in the mast. I am happy with it but would have chosen this product had it been available for reasons of cost.
    “Conversions” can be a problem in some cases, though. A while ago, a Germany yachting magazine tested traditional navigation lights converted to LED. The color of the green light was off for all of the LED inserts, some giving a color that was more blue than green. And worse, the angles are way off with the red and green arc overlapping by 20 to 30 degrees. So you could be 15 degrees to port or starboard of the bow and still see both red and green.

  6. Henning says:

    Jim, I heard that the B&G instruments will be available with N2K in addition to the traditional B&G bus, not that this bus would be redesigned. But in any case, it was just a rumor.

  7. First Light says:

    B&G has already announced NMEA2000 versions of their 10/10 and 20/20 displays to go with the rest of the NMEA2000 Triton system. So right now they’re basically splitting their product line between Triton/NMEA2k at the lower end and Hercules with their proprietary bus at the higher end.
    We’ll see if they add NMEA2k and/or Ethernet to the Hercules main processor. From experience with the thing, the software is very finely tuned to the characteristics of the transducers. Based on that I’m not sure they’ll be willing to open Hercules up to input from random NMEA2k transducers, at least for the core wind/speed/compass data. There’s no reason they couldn’t output data though.

  8. Henning says:

    I have now read the WamBlee W420 AIS SART brochure where it says that in the silicone tube there is actually a very fine wire. Not a bad idea and sorry for this oversight.

  9. Dear Henning
    Yes, inside the silicon tube there is the VHF antenna and is designed to protect the neck of the MOB when the inflatable lifejacket start to inflat.

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