METS 2013: Glomex WeBBoat, fingers on Garmin and Simrad, and more

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  1. Dan Corcoran (b393capt) says:

    Thanks Kees!

  2. Labozza says:

    Kees, always a pleasure to read your insight from the other side of the pond, not to mention your annual METS round up. Thank you!

  3. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Yes, big thanks to Kees for reporting from Holland.
    And here’s wishing all U.S. Panbots a great Thanksgiving holiday. Among many other things I’m thankful that Gizmo was hauled last week before the nasty SE storm that rolled through Maine yesterday.

  4. Pat McQueen says:

    I found this statement to be interesting … “they were thinking of something even more disruptive: making their radar compatible with chart plotters from (for example) Furuno, Raymarine, and Garmin.” Today it is technically very possible to behave as a Garmin Radar on the network. We already have a Garmin radar display for OpenCpn see: How interesting would it be to have 3rd parties building out more advanced tools.

  5. RufusVG says:

    Kees, interesting to see your comments on the rise of pure electric propulsion in Europe. Here at Cay Electronics in the USA we have also been following this trend for a while. We finally decided it was time to design a craft that would combine the latest propulsion and control technology with an easily driven hull shape. The result is the 20 foot eCraft that utilizes a 6.5KW pod drive and is controlled with a single joystick for speed and steering.
    Using standard AGM battery technology we have been achieving a range of 30nm at hull speed (5.95Kts) and a top speed of 8Kts. The onboard charger will recharge the batteries overnight from shorepower or a standard household outlet.
    As you mention, clean, quiet, electric power is great not only for areas with strict environmental controls but also for waterways with speed restrictions and sheltered lakes and harbors.

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