C-MAP Launches Free Chart Promotion

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Frankly, I didn’t think it meant much when C-Map and Navico merged last summer, given the common ownership…


    … but, wow, I like seeing how generous Navico has gotten with premium C-Map cartography. To be clear, the deal only applies to North American chart cards but you can get a Max N+ card that includes the Bahamas or the Carribean, and N+ means they will have both vector and raster charts for that area. See the mail-in rebate for more detail:


    You may also notice that the rebate is a bit of a pain to complete, but also note that you can get the same deal by buying Navico stuff direct online and they just deduct the $299 for a Max N+ card automatically (I tried it). It’s arguably unkind to their dealer network, but if you already have Navico MFDs consider adding a GO5 to your NMEA 2000 for $419 with free $299 C-Map:


    Remember that the GO5 doesn’t have Ethernet networking with other MFDs, but it sure likes like it could serve as a nice instrument or sonar display, or autopilot control head, and it will actually show all C-Map N+ features, over WiFi to a tablet too.

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