Jury Announces Nominated Products for DAME Design Award 2022

METSTRADE is pleased to announce that 48 products from a total field of 104 entries spanning 14 countries have been nominated to enter the final rounds of judgement for the 31st edition of the DAME Design Award 2022.

This year marked a welcome full return of an international jury of leading design and user experts to the DAME Design Award’s specially created assessment room at RAI Amsterdam. Following detailed pre-visit scrutiny of submitted entry information, the eight members of the Jury, chaired by renowned yacht designer Andre Hoek, gathered to spend two very intensive hands-on days looking at products in detail. The nominations for the final assessment were agreed upon after much discussion.

It is from this list of 48 nominations (see below) that the winners from seven categories and the ultimate accolade of 31st anniversary DAME Design Award winner will emerge. The Jury will also name its first discretionary Environmental Design Award winner.

All nominees and winners will be celebrated at the METSTRADE 2022 Breakfast Briefing in the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre on 15 November, featuring a keynote speech by electric aircraft visionary, Cory Combs.

All DAME nominated products will feature on a special display at METSTRADE located at the heart of the show in the Elicium (Hall 13). Alongside, the METSTRADE Theatre will host daily discussion panels from this year’s DAME Design Awards category and outright winners.

Driving design improvement despite other pressures                       

Andre Hoek, chair of the DAME Jury, says: “It is well known that the marine leisure equipment sector has been under severe pressure for the past two years. It has needed to satisfy a strong surge in market demand while dealing with significant supply chain challenges. Ordinarily, you might expect this to completely pull the focus away from R&D. Impressively though, many of this year’s very wide field of entries showed evidence of ongoing investment in better design, which is vital for longer-term future of the whole industry.

“The DAME Design Award has a long history of setting the bar high and it is not easy to satisfy all the design criteria we consider – including function, form, environment, innovation, and price to performance. The nominees listed here are to be congratulated on meeting the scrutiny of our jury members and I look forward to finalising the results and announcing the best of the best at the Breakfast Briefing.”

METSTRADE director Niels Klarenbeek adds: “For more than three decades the DAME Design Award has been very much a part of the METSTRADE DNA. It encourages design improvement leading to excellence in the experience of water sports enthusiasts, greater efficiency for manufacturing operation and improvement in environmental impact.

“The DAME Design Award is a significant high-water mark for many equipment manufacturers and suppliers around the world. We look forward to celebrating once again the significant design successes of our industry at METSTRADE .”

The DAME Design Award nominated products 2022 can be viewed at www.metstrade.com/awards/nominees

The DAME Jury 2022 can be viewed at 

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4 Responses

  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    As one of the jury who spent a LOT of time examining the 104 DAME Award entries, I can attest that there are many interesting 2022 Nominees and, as always, the range of products useful to one kind of boating or another is amazing.

  2. Gary Court says:

    Integrel has an inline hybrid generator and electric engine solution?! That’s huge! Would love to hear more about that.

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Integrel has not made much information public yet, but the three Next Generation designs briefly described and shown on the DAME Nominee site definitely sound interesting. As in “the introduction of In-line generation, e-drive plus generation and e-drive generation plus Torque Boost. The Next Generation product consists of Integrel Inline, Integrel Plus and Integrel Ultra.”

      We will share detail as soon as it’s available, and I definitely plan a closer look at METS.

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