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Ciaran Geoghegan
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I'm fitting some new Raymarine equipment and am looking for some help with my understanding of the networks. I have an existing NMEA 2000 / NG backbone and spur network running an Axiom plotter and Raymarine log, speed, wind and autopilot units. I want to fit a new Axiom MFD at the helm and a new Raymarine radome radar and my objective is to have everything integrated.  My understanding is that an extension of the NG backbone / spur connection will be required to share the chart information between the two axioms, (chart table and helm) and that a HS network will be required using a switch (HS5) and Raynet cables to connect the radome and the two axioms.

I have two questions:

(a) Is the above interpretation correct

(b) Is it possible to achieve the HS connections using WiFi

Thanks for looking at my query, just hoping to correct any misunderstandings before I order the bits.