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Floscan --> N2K

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Scott Booker
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I'm wondering if anybody has any thoughts or experience with converting an older Floscan system to "N2K awareness".  

A few years ago Floscan had the "FloNET" system which looks like it would have handled this easily.  But alas, Floscan and Flonet are no longer with us.

I have a twin engine diesel setup, and currently have FOUR Floscan fuel-flow sensors (port, starboard, send, return).  I'd prefer to keep those if possible for both expense and installation-hassle reasons.  As far as I know, these are "3-wire" pulse sending units, and therefore can't be connected to something like the Maretron FFM100.

Anybody have any thoughts or insights as on how to proceed?  (please refrain from the "don't be a cheap snot... replace the flow sending units!" responses)  😉


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