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GMI 20 - Engine Data Display


Avi Robbins
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Does anyone have experience using a GMI-20 to display engine data? How customizeable are the screens?  I am redoing my dash.  Currently have 2 flow scan displays for RPM / fuel consumption information for 2 diesel engines and rocker switches to control trim tabs that display on bennet trim indcators.  Wondering if as part of the dash reconstruction I can send all the information to a GMI 20?






Steve Mitchell
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The GMI-20 can display engine data in a couple of ways from what I remember. It has dedicated engine display screens like the one I've attached but appears to only show one engine. You could have it cycle back and forth between two I suppose with your dual engines.

Additionally you can just put digital numbers for various engine data on a screen of 3-4 pieces of data, but likely that will still only get you one engine per screen.

I am redoing my engine panels/helms and using the Furuno FI-70 instead as it can display multiple engines on one screen.

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