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Autopilot Replacement

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Louis Wilham
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Long backstory...

My current setup is a 20 year old Robertson/Simrad, with AP20 and AP22 controllers running a J300X autopilot (Software Version 1R5), with an RF300 rudder feedback, an RPU160 drive unit, and an RFC35 flux gate compass.

Everything was working, though the boat wandered more than I would like, even in calm conditions. The heading was also off by about 18 degrees. I assumed both might be due to settings or the need to recalibrate.

I had issues with the AP20 display, and it finally went all the way out, not turning on.

I currently have a Simrad GO9 xse on my upper helm, and was wondering if I could install a new Simrad NAC3 autopilot and still use my rudder feedback, pump and compass, and install a new AP44 control head in my Pilothouse and use the GO9 as a controller on the flybridge.

The real question is should the switch to the NAC3 be a plug and play solution, or will I have to do a complete rewire.

Has anyone made the switch from a J3000X to the NAC3?


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