Simrad IS20s, middle school

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Dan (b393capt) says:

    I would bet this product has a lot going for it. I just wonder … how much better it could be if
    – They spent a little more $ on the display, keeping the same technology, but getting a 4x higher resolution. It appears this product is using a display that costs about $9/each in bulk. Imagine if they would spend $25-$35 instead ?
    – In doing the above, be sure they end up with a display that avoids glare, and is readable from really wide angles … e.g. like almost any display you see in a product at your local best buy or radio shack, but lacking in most marine displays.
    – Use the higher resolution, in combination with better software and display fonts, to give a similiar sharp and sexy appearance as the ST70 & GMI 10 have.
    Then thru a combination of user software configurability, readability, lower cost, and lower power consumption over an equivalent color product .. this product could be very desirable.

  2. Russ says:

    I’d like to add another criteria for your evaluation: physical installation. The beauty of these products is that we can actually consider mixing matching, or at least swapping them out with another brand at any time, without re-cabling the boat!
    However, do we have to cut some holes in the boat? How big? What happens when we decide to go from Brand X to Brand Y? Make a bigger hole, have too much hole? Will Brand Y seal well over the hole of the prior installation? Studs, clamps?
    The physical install can impact the feasibility of swapping out as much as the configuration issues.

  3. DefJef says:

    Do any of these displays allow the user to set a scan sequence of selected screens or data?
    I have a few old B&G cockpit displays which I can manually key in different data fields but I always wished for a display which would simply cycle through them without the need push buttons.
    If no one is doing this with these multi data displays, why the hell not? It certainly makes to free oneself from button pushing and why have multiple display heads to see different data?

  4. artist/scientist says:

    Maretron DSM250 lets you scan sequence selected ‘favorite’ screens. It also let’s you select different ‘true wind’ references. Watching the tell tales most often is more important though.

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