Veratron LinkUp brings vessel data to the NMEA 2000 era

The new family of Veratron LinkUp single function gateway modules provides an easy method to convert vessel and engine information to NMEA 2000. Available in five variations, they deliver all the speed and benefits of the latest plug-and-play communications standard, without the expense and time expenditure of replacing old networked devices.

Onboard sensors measure liquid levels, temperature, pressure and other system parameters. Easily installed LinkUp gateway modules replace the original wiring, delivering power to both the LinkUp device and sensor from the NMEA 2000 backbone while still compliant with the NMEA 2000 certification. The data are then available for display on any OceanLink, AcquaLink or glass cockpit NMEA 2000 device.

Configuring LinkUp gateways is simple using a mobile device and the companion Veratron LinkUp Configurator app for Android or iOS. Each gateway module has a built-in passive wireless antenna. The parameters of the sensor are configured to type, instance and warning threshold on the mobile device and then tapped against the LinkUp device for instant data download. The module can also be configured in an off state, making it ideal for programing on a dock, or a workshop, store or production floor.

Alternatively, LinkUp devices can be configured via NMEA 2000 with the Veratron PC Configuration Tool. This method additionally allows for real-time reading of the analog signal.

Veratron offers five LinkUp NMEA 2000 gateway modules. The LinkUp Intelligent Battery Sensor reliably and accurately converts battery parameters such as voltage, current and temperature, and calculates state of charge, health and function. The LinkUp Pyrometer is used for exhaust high-temperature applications; its kit includes a thermocouple probe and 20′ high-temperature wiring harness. Veratron’s LinkUp Generic Resistive module converts analog sensors such as tank level, rudder angle, engine or transmission temperatures or pressures. The LinkUp 2-in-1 is sold together with the new high-tech combined oil temperature and pressure sensor. The LinkUp J1939 converts the digital engine protocol to NMEA 2000.

The Veratron LinkUp Intelligent Battery Sensor and kit variant costs $199.99; the LinkUp Pyrometer kit with sensor is $269.99; the LinkUp Generic Resistive module costs $99; the LinkUp 2-in-1 costs $99; and the J1939 runs $119.99. They come with a two-year warranty.

Contact Veratron US, Inc., 131 N. 86th St., Wauwatosa, WI 53226.

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