Monthly Archive: July 2007

Swift Hitch, first viewing 0

Swift Hitch, first viewing


So a friend of mine recently returned from the Upper East Side of Manhattan with a report of a New Yorker cartoon seen live: A madame parking her large and shiny SUV while getting backing directions from a lady friend stationed on the sidewalk via cell phone! No wonder there’s a

Krill SS BB PC, N2K too 2

Krill SS BB PC, N2K too


Krill Systems just announced its solid state (SS), black box (BB), marine PC, which means I get to drag out this shot of Casey Cox mugging with it at my kitchen table in June. The box uses a flash disk drive and embedded Windows XP for 24/7 reliability with a current draw of only 55 watts. It’s meant…

On SoZ with Bruce, & FUBAR 1

On SoZ with Bruce, & FUBAR

SoZ Camden cPanbo

Darn, I was hoping to get a shot of Bruce Kessler in his wheelhouse departing the Camden Public Landing this morning, but got distracted by a contest idea (that you’ll find here this weekend)…