Monthly Archive: March 2008

Capt. Joe crew rescued, AIS helped 5

Capt. Joe crew rescued, AIS helped

Capt Joe USCG

Last Wednesday night, the 97′ clam dredge Captain Joe sank suddenly 30 miles off Point Pleasant, New Jersey in 10′ seas. Air and sea temperatures were in the low 40’s and the wind NW near 30 knots (according to a nearby C-Man buoy). You can hear some, maybe all, of the bone-chilling…

ST70, STng, & N2K, an ironic tale 7

ST70, STng, & N2K, an ironic tale


So I hope yesterday’s goofy contest made a point about Raymarine’s STng cabling system. I do think the design has merit, particularly for production boat building, and there’s more of interest, like heavier gauge power wires, that I’ll get into eventually. But today I’m going back to the larger point that NMEA 2000 cabling is not that big a deal…

Raymarine E-Series V4, tons’o’freebies 60

Raymarine E-Series V4, tons’o’freebies

Ray E V4 Plat+

If you own a Raymarine E-Series MFD, you are about to get a lot of free new features—and some new accessory shopping possibilities!—thanks to a V4 software update coming this month or next. The screen above…