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Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

Panbo editor, publisher & chief bottlewasher from 4/2005 until 8/2018, and now pleased to have Ben Stein as a very able publisher, webmaster, and editing colleague. Please don't regard him as an "expert"; he's getting quite old and thinks that "fadiddling fumble-putz" is a more accurate description.

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  1. Comment spam is horrible stuff. I had a few comment spammers hit my blog a few months ago. As a result, I turned on comment moderation, and everyone has to have their first comment approved by me, or one of my other admins, but once they’ve been approved, they can comment without further moderation.
    Fortunately, my regular readers are good enough not to be spammers…although the cynic in me is waiting for a spammer to post a good comment to get approved and then start spamming with that identity… I hope it won’t happen, but we’ll see.

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