Go With the Flow & Thar She Blips

Wired reviews three portable generators and lists Yamaha’s EF1000iS as a best buy at $799, altough the Honda EU2000i pumps out 2 kilowatts for up to 15 hours per 1.1-gallon tank of unleaded, making it the most powerful luggable unit available.
“Yamaha’s pint-size EF1000iS purrs at between 47 and 57 dB and weighs a mere 28 pounds, yet puts out up to 12 hours of 1-kilowatt power. Like the Honda, it comes equipped with a built-in inverter, making it safe for finicky electronics. Its 0.66-gallon tank is completely sealable for transport, and it boasts a unique valve for draining the carburetor to prevent gummy buildup.”
A bit further on the same page three fish finders are compared, claiming Navman FISH 4500 is your best buy, with Furuno’s FCV600L not doing bad as well.
“The only thing missing from this tracker is a TV tuner. Then again, you’ll be so busy reeling them in you won’t have time for a break. The finder emits two sets of sound waves and, based on how many bounce back, it demystifies the deep. The results, including likely fish, appear on the high-resolution 5.6-inch LCD. The Furuno is easy to set up and searches down to 3,000 feet.”

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