Inmarsat Fleet One exceeds 5,000 installations milestone

Inmarsat’s Fleet One solution has been installed on over 5,000 vessels as demand increases due to growing awareness and partnerships with key boatbuilders such as Groupe Beneteau

Demand grows for Inmarsat’s newly upgraded service as more boat owners discover the benefits of reliable connectivity with Fleet One Global and Coastal solutions

Inmarsat’s Fleet One satellite connectivity solution for the leisure and fishing markets has surpassed the 5,000-installation landmark as the rate of service uptake continues to increase.

Reflecting a growing demand from leisure boat owners for Fleet One’s flexible and reliable connectivity anywhere on the world’s oceans, the 5,000-boat milestone has been achieved just three years after the launch of the Global service plan.

Inmarsat has introduced a range of Fleet One leisure plans, providing recreational sailors on any sized vessel with the reassurance of a consistent, simultaneous voice and data connection that enables them to stay in touch with family and friends back home, use email and social media, and access applications to assist with navigation.

To further boost performance of Fleet One as user numbers rise, Inmarsat has also announced an increase in the service’s maximum data speeds. Effective immediately, all current and new leisure boat owners, or fishing and commercial vessel operators using the service will benefit from reliable simultaneous voice and IP data at up to 150 kbps for even faster always-on connectivity outside MF/HG and GSM coverage.

Peter Broadhurst, Senior Vice President, Yachting and Passenger, Inmarsat said: “The growing demand for Fleet One demonstrates how quickly boat owners are realising that a high-performing, reliable and global connectivity solution does not have to be complicated or costly. Now offering an increased maximum data speed, our Global and Coastal plans ensure that accessible and affordable communications technology is now an option for more vessels, enabling all sailors to stay safe and connected, whether they are seasonal or regular users.”

Inmarsat has implemented the speed upgrade from a previous level of 100 kbps to enhance the user experience provided by the Fleet One Global and Coastal service plans, delivered through the proven reliability of Inmarsat’s global L-band coverage. All newly activated Fleet One terminals will automatically access the increased speed. Customers with active terminals can update their service to benefit by following a simple implementation procedure.

With a compact antenna, in-built safety services and flexible air-time plans, Inmarsat’s Fleet One provides recreational sailors and a range of other seafarers with the reassurance of a reliable, simultaneous voice and data connection for business, support services and staying in touch with people at home from anywhere on the world’s oceans. The Fleet One service also has a free voice distress (505) call service that connects leisure users directly to the nearest Search & Rescue team in case of an emergency. Easy to install and use, Inmarsat offers two service plans – Fleet One Global, offering flexible connectivity for any size of vessel for both seasonal and regular users, and Fleet One Coastal, which is aimed at occasional users looking for tailored airtime pricing to keep costs down.

Inmarsat, in partnership with terminal manufacturers Cobham, AddValue and Spaceon, is continuing to strengthen partnerships with boatbuilders and key resellers. Groupe Beneteau recently extended Inmarsat’s satellite communications solutions as a line-fit and retro-fit option on the manufacturer’s leading brands Lagoon, CNB Yachts and Beneteau, enabling customers to benefit from Fleet One for a two to three year period during the purchase phase of a sail or motor yacht through a tick of the box in the options catalogue of the yacht builder.

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    It’s nice that Inmarsat’s FleetOne satellite internet service now offers speeds “up to 150 kbps” but what a contrast to the $40/month Visible cell service Ben Stein just uncovered, where the main limitation seems to be a 5mbps speed cap on WiFi hotspot use:

    On the other hand, reliable Visible (Verizon) service ends just east of me along the coast of Maine, and for a very long way east of there. The cost and performance of internet connectivity is wildly different within and beyond cell coverage.

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