Bivy Stick, ACR’s new satellite tracker with strong outdoor roots

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

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  1. not very useful for the south pacific as the coverage area is minimal

    • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:


      Any chance you’re confused Globalstar and Iridum’s coverage maps. Iridium claims truly global coverage. I don’t think there are any areas outside of the extreme poles with minimal coverage.

      -Ben S.

  2. Friends of mine just completed (as in about 3 days ago) a hike on the Colorado Trail. They used a bivy stick during the trip and their comments upon their return were mixed. Function is fine – does what it says it will. But they were both appalled at it’s power consumption. This is verbatim: “It’s like the Borg of hand held tech. I really believe it is an evil alien out to steal all the power in the world. Or we’re completely incompetent. Both are plausible”. The other stated “I set it flat as recommended. On the ground or my knee so I could observe it’s constant loss of signal and the drain on my phone battery was actually observable. 1 weather check, 1 GPS check-in, 4 messages = 10% battery drop” I was not present on the hike but their comments are all that I have at present for feedback.

  3. SurchBot says:

    Since it might be of interest to this group, you can now also search Google over SMS from your Bivy Stick (or any other personal satellite communicator) which gives these devices even more utility. You can use this to search anything on the Internet from anywhere for whatever reason you need. Very simple to get up and searching by sending “GPS SURCH” to +1-989-GO-SURCH (+1-989-467-8724). Check out SurchBot on Instagram for more info.

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