New Motorola Defy Satellite Link Bluetooth-connected device with satellite messaging unveiled

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Interesting! The new Motorola Defy satellite messenger seems to offer the essential texting and SOS features of Garmin’s inReach or ACR’s Bivy Stick, but at notably lower hardware and service cost. But note that service beyond North America and Europe, and perhaps offshore in between, may not be available yet, though according to CNet the geostationary satellites it — and the similarly enabled Defy phone — use are the Inmarsat and Echostar constellations:

    So time will tell how useful this tech might be for far-wandering boaters, but the annual $60/400 texts plan CNet also reports may be an affordable back up for those of us who rarely boat beyond cell towers? It’s also exciting to see how Apple’s satellite SOS phone feature has stirred up the market.

  2. Michael Dana says:

    Hi Ben and Ben,
    Can and/or will this and others evolve into internet service? Having the satellite infrastructure and bandwidth this sounds like it could provide the www. I refuse to enrich (in my small way) EM with Starlink. Our need for internet while underway is minimal but do like following what’s going on.

    Best regards
    Mike Dana
    Third Reef
    36′ Grand Banks Classic #819
    Potts Harbor Maine (South Harpswell)

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Hi Mike, I share your reservations about Elon, plus there are growing concerns about how long Starlink will remain a great deal for internet-hungry boaters:

      But the geostationary satellite constellations being used for Bullitt/Motorola messaging are unlikely to compete with what Starlink is offering now. In fact, Inmarsat and Echostar — if CNet is correct) — both offer high bandwidth marine internet already, but only with expensive hardware and service plans. So the best hope for Starlink like marine satellite internet is other low earth orbiting systems like Amazon’s Project Kuiper:

      In the meantime, cellular is probably the best bet for connectivity along the coast, though that gets dicey in Downeast Maine, as you likely know.

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