Lumishore Redefines Marine LEDs with Revolutionary Smart Lighting System

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    I wrote about Lumishore’s “Smart Lighting System” in my METS preview…

    …and it was looking even better in the show booth. The new Lumi-Link interface box that serves the HTML5 lighting interface to various MFD brands is now smaller, more flexible (works with every brand that offers support), and will apparently become a standard module in most all Lumishore systems (in other words, even their own dedicated control heads will work off the same command/interface code).

    Also, all the new above-water lighting fixtures looked great, and note the line about “a range of Smart Drivers enable integration with third-party approved products such as name boards and entertainment systems.” No examples were being shown, but imagine, say, the LED lighting built into some speakers being able to join Smart Lighting “scenes” and/or a stereo control head able to also control some Smart Lighting.

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