Maretron DCR100 partial install, lights on & Labels up

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Sharp readers may notice that the amperage for the Bow Spotlight is different between screens. I think that’s because I haven’t calibrated zero current yet (and unfortunately won’t for a while as I’m just about to hit the road again).
    Also the Navigation Lights current shown is not correct because I’ve…um…lost the feed wire to the side lights. It’s hopefully a temporary situation that I’ll explain soon.
    And, finally, check out who else is into Maretron monitoring and control, though with a much bigger budget (thanks, Doug!):

  2. Dan Corcoran (b393capt) says:

    The DCR-100 is such a beautiful gem in the Maretron product line. For an investment of 15 minutes each install time, any circuit in a DC panel can be remotely turned on/off with very little complexity and will do no harm to the boats systems if it was to stop working for any reason (the user can revert back to using the dc panel switches).
    I had not understood that the user could operate the DCR-100 from the Maretron instrument displays (e.g. no PC needed). So they could control navigation lights on/off, switch between nav light sets when they get out of the harbor (tri-color vs standard), toggle deck flood lights, etc. from the same display that shows us depth, etc. Or from a dedicated display realize the lights are on/off/broken. How cool is that?

  3. HenryD says:

    The DCR100 is not new is it? When I figured the cost of the DCR100 ($350), the cable T for my backbone ($25), the NMEA2000 cable to the DCR100 ($100) AND that I needed 6 other switches and cabling, I could not justify why to install the DCR100 instead of use breakers or switches in the first place.
    You comment that you have the USB100 and that it is useful for navigation has me confused. My USB100 is connected to my PC for N2KView, and then is not available for my navigation software – I had to purchase a second USB gateway – is there a way to get away with only needing one? The USB100 also did not like the PB200 for weather, so the other interface was needed for that too.
    Several folks have seen my network and I always have to encourage them to PLAN the entire thing out and see the total cost. It works mostly but is very costly.

  4. norse says:

    The “who else” link above should be expanded to mention the MV Dirona blog.
    Jennifer and James has been writing about cruising the NW coast for years and they have even written a cruising guide.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Like Ben, I am a big fan of the DCR100. The obvious use is with devices that require frequent switch and where running down to the breaker panel is not always convenient. (Things like running lights.)
    HenryD, I think to use the USB100 with navigation software, you will have to sure to not be running N2K Analyzer.

  6. Maretron says:

    Maretron’s knowledge base has a couple videos on how to setup switches using the DSM150 or DSM250 and how to control those switches. Here is a link to the videos:
    If the link above isn’t visible, type “516” in the knowledge base search box and you will be shown article 516.

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