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Panbo Classifieds work!


Ben Ellison
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Few people use the Classifieds section anymore, and I've thought about closing it, but then I get thank you notes like this:

"I wanted to thank you for having the classified gear site on your Panbo site. I’ve used it a couple of times now. Several years ago I upgraded the radar on my sailboat from a green monochrome screen to color. There was nothing wrong with the old unit and I was able to sell it using your site to a lobster fisherman in Portland, ME. I just recently upgrade all our electronics to B&G (Zeus3, H5000, 4G radar). Again, the old radar was in working order. I just sold it to a fellow who is installing it on a friends old lobster boat on the Vineyard. Makes me feel good that quality useable equipment is kept in service. And its nice to have a few dollars back to offset my cost of upgrades."

I have no statistics but I've gotten enough similar notes to convince me that a surprisingly high percentage of the used gear ads get results (which I've also experienced first hand a few times). We may improve Classifieds at some point, but I suggest to all that the little work it takes to place a free ad now may get those old electronics off your inventory and back in circulation.