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Balmar SG-200 and Solar System

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Pat Nash
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I’m looking to install my balmar battery monitor and 4 100W solar panels on my boat in the coming weeks. I already have all of the components on hand and just need to purchase the heavier gauge wires for the final connections. Before I move forward and start the install I want to be sure that I’m putting the shunt in properly so that my gauge is accurate and effectively monitors my 2 4d batteries. I’ve attached two marked up wiring diagrams showing my plans. Can anyone confirm for me that option 1 is the best method to install? Thanks for the help.

Chris Witzgall
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Hi, Chris from Balmar here. Some suggestions if I may.

You need the power lead (red with fuse holder) from the SG200 to be connected directly to your battery.

I am not sure of the distances in the drawing, but with only two batteries, I would  (1) connect them together with jumper cables Positive to positive and negative to negative. and then (2) take the negative from one battery to the shunt first and from the SmartShunt to the negative bus bar. (3) Take the positive lead from the second battery (Put the SmartShunt power lead on the this positive post) and run that to the positive bus bar/post.  ABYC allows you to stack up to four connectors on the battery post. Put the biggest first, and don't use any washers under anything. You can use a single washer right before the nut, don't use a wing nut.


With only two batteries you don't gain anything by running the battery cables separately from each battery like you show.



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