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Engine room camera

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Robert Senkus
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I have a 1989 43' Eggharbor sport fishing vessel. I recently had a saltwater pump go bad and sprayed seawater all over my Onan 8kw generator and put it out of commission. I am looking for an inexpensive camera system to install in the engine compartment so I can monitor what goes on while I and running. I recently purchased a Garmin 94sv plus and was told I couldn't connect a camera to it and that I would have to upgrade so that I could.

Any ideas on what I can use without breaking the bank.

Ben Stein
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Unfortunately your Garmin 94 SV Plus doesn't have ethernet connectivity so I don't think you're going to have any luck getting a camera on that display. 


My boat came with a Voyager camera system when it was new in 2003. The primary application was a camera looking at the swim platform for docking, but there is also an engine room camera. The Voyager products are sold primarily for trucks and RVs. I'd think one of the many products out there for this application, both wired and wireless, would likely work for your needs. 

Here's a quick sampling of what's out there. .


-Ben S.