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Looking for Old KVH Wind MHU


 J W
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Yes its ancient but I like learning and I'm 2 decades behind.

Need a Mast Head Unit Speed bearing for the anemometer or the whole MHU or a suitable replacement.

KVH was also badged Cetrek, DanaPlus and a few others.

I don't know all the signal protocol but it uses VWR Sentence instead of the WMV. 

Some diehards using Raspberry Pi to do these things?

Much Obliged.









Brian Thoms
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Hi Doog, I’m making an rPi device to display speed and compass bearing.  It also has openCPN if I needed it.

I haven’t looked into how to incorporate wind but maybe later.


fwiw, there’s a store in poulsbo WA called Longship marine that has used gear and I was in there looking at wind instruments.  They post their stuff online on their website.  They had a few wind vanes for sale at good prices when I was there last week.  

lmk if you want any info or need anything as I’ll be doing it later so can learn from you.  Dm if you want.  Not sure if you can dm here..I finally registered after years of coming here.