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Raymarine ACU 150 - PB200 - H2183


John Wilson
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Raymarine ACU 150! will a PB200 work as a heading sensor for this unit? I currently have an airmar h2183 and pb200 installed on a seatlak ng backbone but my SPX 10 isn't able to view their data so was thinking to change to the ACU 150 any advice regarding this or an alternative would be much appreciated x

Donald Joyce
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My experience is that the Raymarine autopilots depend on the Raymarine heading sensors which do more than provide a heading.  I have a Raymarine ACU autopilot, and it will not work with the Airmar instruments.

Timo Giling
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The Raymarine EV-1 (or EV-2) does not only contain all the necessary sensors (heading, compass, roll, pitch etc.) but is in fact the brains of the RM EVO autopilot. Contrary to previous Raymarine AP's the gray box is 'only' the Actuator Control Unit (ACU), it merely translates the steering signals from the EV-1 into the power control of the hydraulic pump or actuator / drive.

Hence the ACU cannot function without the EV-1 or EV-2. However, you can maybe replace some or all the sensors (e.g. heading) of the EV-1 by other sensors in the network by prioritizing them in the settings. How far and wide this is possible I just don't know, the RM EV-1 sensors work just fine for me.