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AIS/VHF Antenna

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I purchased a new to me boat this year and installed a Vesper Cortex VHF/AIS.  This was installed in place of an existing VHF using the old antenna and along side a second VHF only.

I was not happy with the VHF reception on the Cortex and the cable was not in the best of condition so I suspect that is my issue, but I would like to replace the antenna and cable with a combo VHF/AIS antenna.  I do not really have the room on my roof to have two VHF and a separate AIS antenna.

Does anyone have any suggestion on which brands/models to consider?

Steve Mitchell
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I used the Morad mid-tuned 159Mhz antenna for the same reasons (covered in my article at and have been very pleased with the performance. I tried two other antennas and wasn't as happy as I am with the Morad.

The biggest issue still remains the squelch control with the Cortex which when run next to a comparable fixed-mount VHF, misses up to 25% of the conversations because of the inability to adjust it to a fine enough level. If you happened to be struggling with that part, a new antenna won't help. 

The mid-tuned antenna made a huge difference for AIS data/reliability. I was using a VHF tuned antenna prior to that point with the Cortex (on purpose) and it was a fantastic VHF radio, but AIS transmit and receive was not as good. The mid-tuned choice has proven to be the best of both worlds.