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Radar Decisions

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Gray Mann
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We are planning a new acquisition (a dual console 24' along the lines of a Pursuit DC 235 or Edgewater 248 CX) for leisure inshore/nearshore/coastal Maine day-cruising. We will not be doing any off-shore activity, and I cannot imagine ever being more than 5 miles from land, and that would be very rare.

I have read (thank you for the comprehensive reviews) all of your excellent information on the various radar units.

We are trying to decide between the Simrad 4G or the Furuno DRS4D-NXT. The 4G "seems" to possess excellent close-in obstacle detection with little to zero main-bang loss. (There are some videos of users spotting floating tires as close as 50-75 feet in front of their vessel.) Alternatively, the Auto Acquire by Doppler ARPA of the Furuno is something that seems too good to pass up.

We have zero experience with the Maine coastal environment. Can you provide some insight and what you would advise given our intended use?




Ben Stein
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Your radar decision is going to be driven by (and drive) your MFD decision.  Is there one interface versus the other with which you're more comfortable?  

For coastal usage both radar units you mention are likely to perform very well.  I don't personally have extensive hands on experience with either one.  But, I will admit if I was making the decision about which vendor to go with based on radar alone it would be Furuno.  Furuno's radar expertise in radar units seems to show in each of their products.  Which I believe all modern radar units provide very good performance it frequently seems from visual observation the Furuno units perform just a bit better.