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Simrad Retro Compatability Issues

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Frank Di Rocco
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Simrad software upgrades are neglecting to support legacy hardware. Case and point: NSO Evo2 and NSS Evo2 upgrades are not compatible with their legacy Sirius Weather Module. You have to buy the new module.   That new module is not compatible with Evo2 hardware. You have to buy Evo3 hardware. Bottom line: If you want the new Sirius Weather receiver you have to tear out your entire Evo2 system and replace your hardware. If you want to keep your Evo2 hardware you better pray that your legacy Sirius receiver does not die (they do not sell it anymore) or you make sure that you do not upgrade software.  Same goes for third party monitor support for  their blackbox system . The latest software upgrades do not support it. 

One would hope that this is poor planning and not a plan to get you to buy new hardware.