Navicom RT-650 MOB, doing it all, somewhere else

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. MD Eastern Shore says:

    Isn’t the LHR-80 handheld known both as Navicom and Lowrance?

  2. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Thanks, but you’re thinking of Navico, a global company that markets electronics under Lowrance, Simrad, Northstar, and other brand names. Navicom is a different company.

  3. Starkindler says:

    They would appear to have trademark conflicts in the U.S. with ICOM. May have to use another brand.
    They list an ultrasonic wind sensor in their catalogue which is very intersting, and along the lines of the Airmar unit. Appears that it is made by LCJ Capteurs ( The CV7 unit looks interesting. Do you have any experience with these?

  4. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    No experience, but I was aware of them,
    and it looks like a new, smaller model in the Navicom catalog.

  5. Benoit says:

    Navicom is the french importator for Johnson Outdoors products (humminbird, cannon, minn kota, geonav…) and made some VHF for EU market. I don’t know why it’s not sell in USA, but i will send this article to Navicom’s CEO.
    The Navicom RT-650 is a great product, we sell many of this in France and in others EU country.
    There is a great TCPA and CPA alarms than you can set. If VHF is on (and GPS, just antenna for example), you have DSC, and AIS alarms with a low consumption. Good for circumnavigator.
    You can output GPS and AIS NMEA sentences on the same RS232 output in 38.4 kbps.
    But there is no ais information on the handset.
    LCJ is french company too, and sold the patent to AIRMAR for wind sensor on PB range πŸ˜‰
    Some AIS screeshots :

  6. Nicolas says:

    This RT 650 is installed on my boat since May 2009. On the paper, the product is interesting, but suffered from several bugs: the main one is that the AIS signal stop after several hours of working, and the handset loose the signal of the base station. There were other bugs in the past (like redirect gps function), but corrected with new firmware (2.00). Hope the AIS bug will be solve with the new firmware (2.01), but it’s a bit “pain in the ….” to have to bring back the VHF to the seller every 6 month ….. The Mob function work perfectly, but doesn’t send any Mob position (Raymarine does), as it should very easy to add to make a very intersting tool
    The RT 650 is exactly the same as the Radio Ocean RO 4800 (coming from the same factory in China), but the last one has no Mob function (for the moment)

  7. Benoit says:

    there is a 2.04 firmware now.

  8. Andy Murray says:

    You beat me i was just about to say the latest unit i had in today was 2.04

  9. Benoit says:

    hehe i’m on top on this product, we are the first seller πŸ˜‰

  10. alex says:

    i heard they lately did one update on the mob feature. It seems to send out a position and at the same time shut down the engine and, if it’s connected to a raymarine autopilot, make the vessel go around in circles: That’s what I was told by a salesman so I need to make sure it’s true…

  11. Geof Roberts says:

    Your responders so far to this have not mentioned
    whether this product has received FCC approval.
    If they have not then thats probably answers your question.
    Enjoy the goldmine of info you always present in
    a very proffesional way both journalistic and technically.

  12. Scott E says:

    > if it’s connected to a raymarine autopilot, make the vessel
    > go around in circles
    Yikes, this is such a scary and bad idea I don’t even know where to start! Obviously of no use on a sailboat, but even on a powerboat it’s not a good thing. I can see it now: “He fell in the water and the MOB alarm went off. Everything would have been fine, until the boat turned itself around and ran over the top of him”.

  13. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Scott, I think the idea, and it’s mainly for single-handers, is to have an MOB system shut down the engine if it’s on or have the autopilot turn into the wind if sailing. Of course a boat won’t stay headed into the wind and will eventually do circles or big scallops trying to.

  14. Marine VHF says:

    Benoit, nice work. I’ve been trying to get in touch with Navicom for months but the language barrier has proved too tough. Good job by you. I have no personal experience with the model but Ben is right, all these features rolled into one make a ton of sense.

  15. carla says:

    Hi Ben,
    We have seen both Navicom as Radio Ocean VHF’s on METS and HISWA Amsterdam Boatshow. These VHF’s are the same as Nicolas allready states.
    Compared to the SH GX2100 the AIS display is really small (bring your reading glasses!), the text info for the AIS is hardly readable in the target display. The AIS info is not on the handset.
    For the RO4800 see the German manual:
    By the way, I question wireless handsets: they tend to have empty batteries, bad communication with the main unit and they drop overboard easily.

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