Starlink Portability announced and available

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

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  1. Bill Greene says:


  2. RIck Kwasnicki says:

    Will this work on a boat at anchor moving around and rolling, or underway. Pitching and rolling…

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Hi Rick, There are numerous posts to the Facebook “Starlink on Boats” testifying that it works fine at anchor and even underway in fairly boisterous conditions…

      …but note in Ben Stein’s entry above that using it underway apparently voids the warranty.

      Also, most everyone says that Starlink cuts out once they get 12 miles offshore. I believe that’s mostly a regulatory issue that can be solved, but also suspect that offshore use is a tiny market relative to Starlink’s goals.

  3. Iain says:

    I have struggled to find answers to these two questions. As globe trotting cruisers, we cross between countries on a weekly basis and continents every few months.

    1. Can I move my service address from one country to another? With or without Portability
    2. Can I move my service address from one continent to another?

    As far as I can see, Starlink would prefer I buy a full kit and set up a new account for each continent I move through (throwing their very lively tech in the skip for no good reason) and want me to run on their RV package which guarantees a lower quality of service than those residential in a given cell.

    Any expertise would be very welcome indeed as we are about to set off across the pacific and I would love to order in our kit before leaving North America.

    • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:


      Unfortunately with Starlink I don’t have access to a contact there who can help with these questions. But, here’s what I’ve gathered through my own experimenting and the wisdom (???) of others on many Starlink groups:

      • Portability allows you to use SL anywhere on the same continent as your home address
      • If you’re using SL with portability out of your home country you can only remain out of the country for two months at a time. I haven’t seen answers to the obvious questions about how long you need to be back in your home country, etc
      • Everything I’ve read says you can’t move your home address between countries. That certainly implies you also can’t move it between continents

      I think you’re right that SL would tell you that you need to buy a kit for each continent. My own speculation is that this isn’t because they’re hoping to sell more kits (it’s pretty well established they lose money on each kit) but rather because their internal processes are rather rigid and no yet particularly robust in handling edge cases. They seem to be good at starting service and stopping service but no so good at any kinds of transfers or other complexities.

      -Ben S.

  4. Dan Corcoran Dan Corcoran says:

    Why are they trying to piss off the only non-Russian rocket company that has an available capacity between now and 2027 to launch additional medium-sized satellites (After Amazon bought up all the capacity last month, see linke below)? Is this Dish’s way of bargaining for a ride to space?

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