Yacht Devices N2K display, RedPort & PredictWind, NMEA & ABYC, and ONWA radar

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  1. Nick says:

    Morning Ben, I know for a fact that Furuno is in no way associated with ONWA – onwa have completely ripped off Furuno’s cosmetic design (internals are completely different ) on a lot of there older generation product- presumably for the exact reason you have stated (that maybe the are the same) essentially sale by deception.
    more info is available in a warning on furuno.com

  2. I’m super excited about the Yacht Devices N2K display. I already have one on the way to me somewhere, and am planning on integrating it into my Nav Panel as a quick way to see wind speed and depth. Much cheaper than a full Maretron or Raymarine display, and much better on the power budget!

  3. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Nick, Furuno’s warning doesn’t mention ONWA specifically. If ONWA have been attending trade shows like METS for at least the past 3 years, they aren’t exactly hiding. One would presume that Furuno’s lawyers would have gone after any deceptive trade practices by now. What facts do you know? Ben and I would love more info than the little I was able to get out of the company?
    Steve, Keep us posted on your thoughts on the display after you test it.

  4. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    I just heard from a trusted industry insider (who does not work for Furuno) that ONWA at least used to be “…definitely rip off Furuno (you could take their scanners and plug into a Furuno display and vice versa). I expect they have moved on somewhat since the early days but they are obviously the intended target of the Furuno website ‘similar products'”
    I’m not surprised about this, but it doesn’t mean that ONWA’s Network Radar doesn’t have possible value as part of a low cost nav system. I wasn’t very impressed with the video, though, like the apparent lack of auto gain and clutter controls.

  5. Marlinspike says:

    The industry is full of odd relationships and agreements as well as disagreements!!!…Like any niche industry…Let’s just hope things keep getting cheaper for the consumers as they are supposed to when new competition is permitted and also welcomed aboard. If the top 5 manufacturers want to keep status quo in this industry with just thinking people will pay $9,000 US less VAT for the rest just for a new scooby doo 17″ MFD/chatplotter combo unit? with or without an antenna? if so then new players and innovation startups will be able to take stronger footholds in the industry and eventually market share. We all buy on certain price points at some point..!! Crazy is not logical…and smart is not crazy….smart money does logical things not crazy things like pay 9K for a chartplotter that the paint will fall off in a few years and probably need a powercord or some type of service is kinda outrageous to me!! lol!! Im glad to see the competition…Bring em all!!! We as salty and non salty but still wet alike will only benefit from this. The manufacturers have been the ones making all the money to date.

  6. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    All what money, Marlinspike? It really doesn’t matter how much a fancy MFD costs; if the unit numbers are small and all the R&D, manufacturing, tech support and marketing expenses high, there’s not much $$$$ to be made. I’m not aware of anyone getting truly wealthy in marine electronics, and some say that no one brand can do well until there are less brands.
    And who the heck made the rule about “things keep getting cheaper for the consumers as they are supposed to when new competition is permitted”? That’s simply not how consumer electronics markets are working.
    Sure, there is competition at the low end, and some perfectly good gear there thanks largely to the high quality manufacturing that seems to be easily available. But many brands are competing on features, style, support, etc. — most everything except price — and doing very well. Need I even mention Apple?
    I presume you’re referencing Garmin with the bit about the 9K 17-inch MFD as “crazy,” but Garmin makes no bones about the 8600 series being a premium product. And plenty of people are putting them on premium boats. What’s the problem? You don’t have buy one, so why do you need to mock someone who does?
    At any rate, as best I can see the “salty and non salty but still wet alike” — thanks for that! — all benefit from competition at multiple levels, certainly not just cost.

  7. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Panbo readers get 20% off XGate with PredictWind – one week only – to celebrate the release of the XGate and PredictWind integration! Use code bettertogether during checkout to get 20% off your XGate purchase. Offer ends April 28th.

  8. Just finished using the Yacht Devices Text Display for about a month, and wrote up my thoughts around it at https://www.sailbits.com/blog/2016/06/yacht-devices-text-display-review/
    It’s a well designed little bit of tech, allows me to see everything I want right now without much of a power draw, and for not much money.
    I’d like to see more configurable data, auto advanced pages, and tank level data.

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