18″ radome testing, part 1

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Ray Hermes says:

    It is interesting that Raymarine doesn’t actually have an 18″ radome! Instead, it is almost 21 inches in diameter. And their 24″ radome is 26 inches. They are also about 25% heavier than competitive products as well.
    I thought they looked a lot bigger but I wasn’t certain until I checked the specs.
    Are you going to compare it to the Furuno DRS2D performance as well?

  2. Patrick says:

    It seems these units draw a lot less power which is a great thing, but what are the benefits of this to the ocean going cruiser?
    Any better long-rage resolution?

  3. catamaran guy says:

    Raymarine dome sizes
    Yes its a bit misleading…but the actual arrays inside the domes are 18 and 24 inches.
    Raymarine earlier analog domes were smaller diameter but they were redesigned to comply with EC radiation rules.The older analog domes had sidelobes
    (downlobes?) that radiated too much RF directly below the dome.The new domes comply with the EC rules.But they had to be a bit bigger.
    weight?Well they are 21 pounds..I don’t think that’s too heavy for a 4kw.

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