Monthly Archive: March 2004

Outdoor wireless and omnidirectional antennas 0

Outdoor wireless and omnidirectional antennas

Carl, who told me to about wireless anchoring solution, also pointed at eDigitalWireless, a company selling several outdoor wireless solutions. Amongst which the new SureShot, a 200mW NEMA 4X rated, ruggedized, weatherproof 2.4gHz radio...

Wearable Instrument Data Displays 0

Wearable Instrument Data Displays

Instead of, or in addition to, using LCD displays all over the boat to display relatively simple, but important, instrument data, why not use a fiber-optics jacket that is wirelessly connected to the boat...

What’s On Board: Cheyenne 0

What’s On Board: Cheyenne

Every now an then I will give you a glimpse into the electronic and communications heart of some of the most remarkable yachts in the world. Today we’ll have a look at Cheyenne (former...