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The concept of marinas offering Wi-Fi internet access will by now be clear to most. Fortunately, more and more service providers are popping up, all over the world. YachtMama’s YachtSpot is the latest, so check out whether you’re lucky enough to be able to get your email on board very soon.
“Providing a dependable Internet connection at a marina and surrounding areas is similar to the wireless internet in your home or office. This system allows slip renters and visitors access to your private connection. Our systems are capable of extending the signal at up to 1+ miles out to sea. Users can easily check email, news, weather, stock performance, or nautical maps while mooring on their boat.”
Also today, D-Link has introduced the AirPremier DWL-2700AP, the first weatherproof 802.11b/g (2.4GHz) wireless access point for use in marinas or on large yachts.
“With a die-cast watertight housing and a built-in heater, the 11-by-6-inch inch device can withstand rain, snow, sleet, humidity and even a lightning strike, the company says. It draws power through an Ethernet network cable and is compatible with the latest network management and wireless security protocols. It has a range of nearly 2,000 feet, and available antennas can extend that even further.”

2 Responses

  1. TooLate says:

    Too bad they are too late with they WIFI marina stuff. There is a company in florida that has been doing it for 2 years now and has been very successful..

  2. NeverToLate says:

    WiFi is a still a new technology. It’s never to late to become a WiFi marina. I have never witnessed a wifi product as complete as this.
    The Florida wifi services are over priced and do not perform as well. Our club in NC has YachtSpot and they charge .01 per minute. Find that is a Florida marina. Fat chance.
    Over priced services are on the way out, private deployments and powerful technology like this is what makes hotspot use viable. Great product.

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