Monthly Archive: August 2007

“Lost Claws”, a homie 2

“Lost Claws”, a homie


Maybe my favorite-named lobster boat ever, caught here in pristine just-relaunched condition, before she went to work in Penobscot Bay…

Seetrac Solo, more tender tracking 1

Seetrac Solo, more tender tracking


Well, my entry on how Rendez-vous tender tracking uses AIS message conventions seems to have confused even some AIS savvy folks (sorry, Del). To be clear, Rendez-vous will not show up on anyone’s screen unless that screen is connected to a specific network of Rendez-vous radios. Rendez-vous just uses the AIS data structure so that plotting software does not have be modified to see the tenders in a network. Get it? I think it clever, but the folks who developed the Seetrac Tender Tracking systems aren’t so sure: