Monthly Archive: March 2009

The next Gizmo? Talk me down! 33

The next Gizmo? Talk me down!


So it turns out that within my big old head still lurks the boat lust of a younger man, even when confronted with tangles of wires and other system complexities. No problem, I thought to myself, I can deal with this stuff!  But was that the irrational voice of a love stricken boy speaking?  I’ve been missing from Panbo for a couple of days because en route to NYC yesterday I checked out a boat I’d been admiring online…and fell much deeper under her spell. Today I’ve been consulting trusted advisors who know more about this sort of boat, and the used boat buying process, than I do. And I’d like to know what Panbots think…

FLIR M-Series, “game changing”? 0

FLIR M-Series, “game changing”?


No, the new FLIR M-Series and its controller are not the same size, but here’s my attempted graphic point: That sexy dual-payload pan and tilt camera casing — at only eleven inches tall — is smaller than your eye might presume. While that’s still taller than the competitors’ search light casings, the M-Series can pan +/-90 degrees, has a horizontal swept volume equal only to its seven inch maximum diameter, and it…

Vessel monitoring, Krill style 1

Vessel monitoring, Krill style


If graphing, say, wind speed or depth data on a little Garmin GMI 10 is useful — which it is — how about visualizing every desired vessel sensor trend on a big monitor?  Krill Systems has been showing off demo screens like the one captured above and intends to include the feature in a coming update of its SoftDisplay. And Krill has kept past promises…

Save the buoys! GoMOOS! 8

Save the buoys! GoMOOS!

GoMOOS sounds like some sort of Maine college cheer, but is actually the Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System, a nonprofit I appreciate for many reasons, but most especially its Penobscot Bay Weather Buoy...